Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATED 3/10/10:

Q: Why is the race so early, that is like torture?
A: See Item 3 on home page!

Q: I plan to stay up late on Friday catching up with friends and throwin’ some back, do I still have to come?
A: Yes, suck it up, you ran for UCLA

Q: If I don’t run the Alumni 2400 but I go to the dual meet, will I get a ton of grief?
A: Without a doubt, there is no excuse for that and you will be a lot of grief. If you did show up for the race and spot people that didn’t make it to the race, you are obligated to give them a hard time, nothing is off limits.

Q: Can we run the 2400 as a relay?
A: Seriously? It is downhill for the love of…

Q: Will I be remembered forever if I show up and do well.
A: Probably not but you will be like a God for the day

Q: Are females invited?
A: Of course, we are all teammates

Q: What do I do if I have questions that aren’t answered on this page?
A: E-mail Mason!

Q: I like the downhill format--will there be a courtesy van to take us back to 26th?
A: No, but you are free to walk, limp, crawl, or hitchhike back; or in the event you can’t find your way back, the weather is nice and there are many fine folks that make their living with a piece of cardboard and a sharpie.

Q: Will the courtesy van be an Volkswagen bus?
A: Not sure if the V-dub bus is still in operation but I can surely ask.

Q: What are the recommended spike lengths for the grass median?
A: Recommended spike length is 1/4” moist, 1/8” dry-that is what our staff of experts has recommended.

Q: Can Eric Petersen keep up with us on a bike?
A: Eric has opted to pace us in some sort of gaudy vehicle with spinner rims instead.

Q: Is Meb going to be "honorary starter" (i.e., euphemism for too-tired-mangina-from-some-marathon-training/racing-which-he-never-would-have-had-to-do-
if-he-just-could-have-run-the-mile-faster) or will he man-up and race?
A: I think Bob will be the starter for this 8 annual event; has been the tradition because Meb should man up; sure, you can win the New York Marathon but can you run downhill for 1.5 miles and not quiver in fear by being beaten by the past…?

Q: Will Scott Abbott show up and try to recruit alumni to sac state (aren't they, like, division ten)?
A: Scott is on the invite list and will be pressured like crazy to make it down; will probably give some lame, “I have a team to run excuse.” Whatever dude, whatever…