You thought you could escape.You thought that maybe, just maybe, the tradition died just like most of you do in the first 400 meters of the Famous ALUMNI 2400-the distance of champions.Here is the breakdown:


The Alumni 2400 is 2400 Meters (or pretty dang close).This is about 1.5 miles.We figured at this distance, because it is not a sanctioned measured event, everyone can PR and pride isnít for time but for place


The race will be down San Vicente (same as last year), starting at 26th Street and finishing at the last tree on 7th Street (donít sprint so hard you end up in the street).


The start time is 8:00am on Saturday, May 2nd (Same day as the dual meet).This will give you enough time to get ready and make it to the meet.


The idea is to get as many alumni out as possible so please donít worry about winning the race, we know you are NOT in shape!


Please shoot Mason (mason@masonmoore.com) a quick response if you plan to be thereÖPLEASE